Web Design Services: Key Features of a Good Web Design

  • Good web designProfessional Web Design: There are millions of websites available on the internet. Some websites have good designs and some have bad. Good web design means user-friendly website structure. Good web design consists of many things like banners, sliders, images, content fonts, the structure of web page etc. Professional websites take care of even single pixel.
  • Quality Content: Content of the web page keeps an important role itself. Content on the page should answer the purpose of the page that had designed for. If you the design of page says something else and content of the page says something else than it is not good user experience.
  • User-Friendly Navigation: User-friendly navigation means the structure of web page should be proper with proper content. Good navigation can increase force a user to spend more time. If your website navigation is not user-friendly than the user will leave your sites and move to another website. Pages should have proper interlinking. Home, About, Services, Company, Contact us or any other pages should be connected with each other. Company’s Logo should be placed at proper place; images should be placed at a proper place in the page.
  • Mobile Friendly Design: Now a day’s every website should be mobile friendly. There are many websites those are mobile friendly and many are not. Mobile friendly websites are given more importance than a desktop version by Google or search engine because most of the people use smartphones nowadays. People search mostly on mobile because now a day’s many companies have decreased internet tariff. Mobile Friendly websites are given importance while ranking on search engines. So finally websites should be responsive or should have a separate mobile version.
  • Website Loading Speed: Page load speed is an important fracture for every website. Page load speed means when someone types a domain name or web page link in a browser, it renders web page against that. From typing a web page link in the browser to displaying its properly in front of a user takes some time. This is called web page or website loading time. Many websites have low loading time, it means a website is fast and its good for website health. If a website takes much time loading it means websites is slow and not good for website health.
  • SEO Friendly Web Design: It means the website should include each and everything that makes it SEO friendly. It is also called responsive web design because this type of web design adopts the screen of the device in which it’s being opened. Many websites those are not responsive have high bounce rate have Google counts it band user experience.

Which web design company provides good web design services?

Softhunters Technology Pvt. Ltd. Is a Global IT company with more than 7 years experience in web design, development, and digital marketing services.It is located in Jaipur, India and known as the best web design company in Jaipur.


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